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Thanks to new measures in Washington and Oregon, it is now easier than ever for #PeopleLikeUs to make sure our voices are heard through voting! Just last week, Oregon Governor Kate Brown signed into law legislation that covers the cost of mail in ballots, allowing people to vote at home on their own time and without worrying about paying to mail back their ballot. And in Washington, the state started their new same-day voter registration program in time for the primary election this week, allowing over 3,000 people to register and vote on the same day. These kinds of reforms take us one step closer to creating a democracy where all people are heard, represented, and included in government!

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On Wednesday, communities across Mississippi were devastated after ICE arrested nearly 700 people — the largest immigration raid in a decade. This cruel raid targeted workers at local food processing plants, tearing people away from their jobs and leaving many children stranded without their parents or guardians on what was their first day of school. This is just the latest heartless act from the Trump administration and comes not even a week after the hate-fueled shooting in El Paso, spurred on in part by Trump’s anti-immigrant rhetoric. #PeopleLikeUs must hold Trump and other public officials accountable, and work to build humane policies that strengthen our democracy and communities.

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With the 2020 election under a year and a half away, our government must take steps now to ensure that elections in every state are conducted in a secure, fair way. But because of Senate Leader Mitch McConnell’s inaction, key legislation that would strengthen our electoral system against attacks from Russia and other outside influences has stalled in the Senate. We can’t allow this to happen. Add your name to our petition today and tell Senate Leader McConnell that #PeopleLikeUs demand secure elections!


Anyone who wants to win in 2020 will need the support of New Americans and communities of color. Calling out the need for candidates to meaningfully engage with our communities, NAL’s founder and president, Sayu Bhojwani, provides key insights and data on the immense political power #PeopleLikeUs hold in this Newsweek article. Be sure to add it to your list of articles to read this weekend – this is definitely a piece you don’t want to miss!

ICYMI: Earlier this week, we were thrilled to announce the members of our 2019 Ready to Win Campaign Leaders and New American Fellows cohort! These bold, visionary New Americans are exactly the kind of leaders our communities need to fight white supremacy, protect our right to vote, and stand up against Trump and his hateful rhetoric and policies. Please join us in congratulating them on Facebook and Twitter!