Ready to Lead® is our signature training program. It identifies the immigrant experience as an asset in civic leadership.

The curriculum, specifically designed by immigrants for immigrants, shows trainees how to message, target, fundraise, embrace one’s heritage and become a successful candidate. Trainings are held regionally in the spring and summer.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have transitioned all of our trainings online, including Ready to Lead. Check out our upcoming regional online Ready to Lead trainings now!

2021 Trainings

Upcoming Trainings

We’re excited to announce our first ever regional, online trainings! Hosted over two weekends, our Ready to Lead program will help you own you political power, share your story, and get ready to run, win and lead. Apply for Ready to Lead now! 
  • Ready to Lead: National Women’s Training; September 10-11 and September 17-18; Apply by August 23

Past Trainings

In 2021, we are proud to have trained 144 New Americans across the country through our signature Ready to Lead program. Keep an eye on these incredible leaders — they’re here to shake up politics as usual and change the face of leadership!

  • Ready to Lead: Regional Midwest Training; January 22-23 and January 29-30; Apply by January 13
  • Ready to Lead: Regional New England Training; February 19-20 and February 26-27; Apply by February 1
  • Ready to Lead: National Women’s Training; March 12-13 and March 19-20; Apply by February 22
  • Ready to Lead: Regional Southwest Training; April 2-3 and April 9-10; Apply by March 15
  • Ready to Lead: Regional Southeast Training; April 30-May 1 and May 7-8; Apply by April 12

Frequently Asked Questions

The registration fee is $20 for our online Ready to Lead training. 

For declared candidates, the cost of registration is $40. No scholarships of any kind can be provided to declared candidates.

You will learn many things! Some of them are: how to use your story and experiences to elevate your values, how to convey your values to voters, how to create a successful stump speech, fundraising in campaigns, campaigning 101, and pivoting techniques for hostile media environments. There is also a panel of local New American elected officials who will share their experience running for office as new Americans. You will learn firsthand what it is like to be on the campaign trail.

An open mind and something to take notes on (if that’s your thing).

When you are considering running for office or working on a campaign. If you are considering running in the next 1-3 years, you should take Ready to Lead® as soon as you can so you are eligible to apply for our advanced campaign skills bootcamp called Ready to Win®.

You should take Ready to Lead® ASAP! Alumni of Ready to Lead® who are planning to run in the next 1-2 years are invited to apply for our advanced campaign skills bootcamp called Ready to Win®.

That’s OK! Everyone has a different timeline in their path toward public leadership. Ready to Lead® provides you with the tools to plan out the next steps. Whether your next step is working for a candidate, issue campaign or running for office NAL can help.

During the training you will have the opportunity to speak in front of others, develop your personal narrative and learn how to make your message relate to people in your community. You will also be able to meet local new American elected officials.

The training curriculum is especially designed with the immigrant experience in mind, so participants without an immigrant background will not be able participate as fully as those who can look back to their personal experience as a New American. The training is designed to reframe negative experiences that often happen to people in the immigrant community into positive reasons why you are the ideal public servant. All folks are welcome to apply regardless of immigrant generation, and citizenship status. Students will be accepted on a case by case basis.

If you care about working towards a more inclusive Democracy, then Ready to Lead is right for you. This may mean that you want to serve in elected office one day or manage the operations of a campaign or the office of an elected official. If you want to organize and mobilize your community, Ready to Lead will show you new skills.

You must indicate that you are requesting a scholarship in the Ready to Lead® application, and write an explanation of your need for financial assistance. Scholarships are granted on a case by case basis.

No, NAL does not offer any financial assistance for travel to or from Ready to Lead® trainings.