Ready to Win® is a unique two-track advanced campaign training for New Americans who want to run for office or serve as a senior level staff member on campaigns in the next two years.

During this “boot camp” style program, participants gain the hands-on campaign skills needed to run and win, including how to develop a comprehensive campaign plan and build a sustainable community-based movement that builds civic engagement and a commitment to voting.

Ready to Win will take place online over two consecutive weekends in November.

Candidate Fellowship – Track A

  • November 12th (6 pm – 8:30 pm EST) and November 13th (12 pm – 5 pm EST)
  • November 19th (6 pm – 8:30 pm EST) and November 20th (12 pm – 5 pm EST)

Campaign Leadership – Track B

  • November 12th (6 pm – 8:30 pm EST) and November 14th (12 pm – 5 pm EST)
  • November 19th (6 pm – 8:30 pm EST) and November 21st (12 pm – 5 pm EST)

Apply for either our Candidate Fellowship Track or the Campaign Leadership Track by October 11, 2021!

We offer two routes into our Ready to Win training:


NAL selects New Americans with a high potential to run for office within two years to attend the New American Candidate Fellowship. The Candidate Fellowship kicks off virtually at Ready to Win in November and ends in March 2022. The Candidate Track at Ready to Win provides media training, the opportunity to receive stump speech feedback, and strategies on how to best message to and connect with voters. This track dives into fundraising and call time, preparing future candidates to make successful asks and determining their fundraising network.

After Ready to Win, fellows will get more hands-on experience in critical components of a campaign like the endorsement interview process and ways to further develop their messaging. Fellows will also benefit from a peer mentor, a staff coach, and an elected mentor.

The Candidate Fellowship will offer you the opportunity to plan ahead, build a network of fellow candidates and campaign staffers, and start strategizing for your campaign with the support of other New American Leaders from across the country.

  • CAMPAIGN LEADERSHIP TRACK (for women only)

We know that if we want to change the face of leadership, we need to also change who runs campaigns. We’re working to shake up politics as usual by training bold New American women to serve as senior level campaign staff members.

Ready to Win has designed a unique track to prepare the next generation of women campaign leaders by diving into team management, identifying and engaging New American communities, and strategies to keep volunteers and supporters engaged. You will learn about finance rules and compliance as well as field and fundraising strategies to help your candidate win. Ready to Win will also offer you the opportunity to step into a career in campaign management with the right skills and network. 

Frequently Asked Questions

As of September 2021, Ready to Win will be held virtually. Registration costs $40 for participants in either track and $75 for declared candidates.

All things campaigns! Some unique modules NAL offers are how to run as a New American, how to expand the electorate during your campaign, and how to use your campaign as a tool to build a movement.

NAL alumni and non-alumni alike are allowed to apply. Preference will be given towards those with New American backgrounds (either first or second generation American) and those from marginalized communities who plan to run for state assembly or city council in 2022 or 2023.

* If you have previously attended Ready to Win or have been a New American Fellow, you are not eligible to apply.

Participants will be in one of two tracks: the Candidate Track or the Campaign Leadership Track (for women only). Some sessions may be offered to both tracks, while others will be specifically tailored to the candidate and campaign manager.

The candidate fellowship kicks off with Ready to Win in November. The cohort reconvenes in January 2022 for two sessions per month, ending in March 2022. This includes one Saturday session a month (12 pm – 3:30 pm EST) and one session on a weekday (7 pm – 8:30 pm EST).



Stay tuned. We will let you now when new applications are opened.