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Ready to Win® is a unique two-track advanced campaign training for New Americans who want to run for office or serve as a senior level staff member on campaigns in the next two years.

Our 2024 Ready to Win® training program is June 28-July 1 in Washington, DC. with virtual sessions running every Wednesday between May 15th and June 12th for both the campaign leadership and candidate tracks.

Applications for the candidate track and campaign leadership track are now open!

Ready to Win® is a unique two-track advanced campaign training for New Americans who want to run for office or serve as a senior level staff member on campaigns within the next two years.

During this “boot camp” style program, participants will gain the hands-on campaign skills needed to run and win, including how to develop a comprehensive campaign plan and build a sustainable community-based movement that fosters civic engagement and a commitment to voting. 

Leading up to the in-person training, we will have five virtual sessions ranging from 75 minutes to 90 minutes depending on the session. These virtual sessions are integral to the training experience and build off of each other to complement what you’ll learn in person.

Apply for Ready to Win® 2024 by 11:59pm ET on Wednesday, April 24th! 

We offer two routes into our Ready to Win training:


The Candidate Track at Ready to Win® provides media training, the opportunity to receive stump speech feedback, and strategies on how to best message to and connect with voters. This track also dives into fundraising and call time, preparing future candidates to make successful asks and determining their fundraising network. As a participant, you will have the opportunity to be in community with fellow candidates and campaign staffers as you start strategizing for your campaign with the support of other New American Leaders from across the country.


Our Campaign Leadership Track at Ready to Win® explores team management, identifying and engaging New American communities, and how to keep volunteers and supporters engaged. As a campaign leadership participant, you will learn about finance rules and compliance as well as field and fundraising strategies to help your candidate win. Ready to Win offers you the opportunity to step into a career in campaign management with the right skills and network.

Frequently Asked Questions

Registration costs $150 for selected participants and $400 for declared candidates.

All meals are provided during the training. There is no reimbursement for food or local travel during the training.

Travel and hotel accommodations are provided for all non-declared participants located outside of the DC area. Please note that the hotel lodging is a SHARED room with another participant. Declared candidates will need to cover airfare and hotel accommodations on their own.

All things campaigns! Some unique modules NAL offers are how to run as a New American, how to expand the electorate during your campaign, and how to use your campaign as a tool to build a movement. All participants are immersed in a campaign simulation and build a campaign plan.

Everyone with an interest in public service is encouraged to apply. Preference will be given towards those with a New American background (anyone who identifies closely with the immigrant experience), and those from marginalized communities. 

*If you have previously attended Ready to Win® or have been a New American Fellow, you are not eligible to apply. 

Participants will be in one of two tracks: the Candidate Track or the Campaign Leadership Track. Some sessions are offered to both tracks, while others are specifically tailored to the Candidate Track and Campaign Leadership Track. All participants go through a campaign simulation. In campaign teams, participants put their learnings into practice and develop a campaign plan. In advance to the in-person training, both tracks will participate in five virtual sessions. 

The virtual sessions are hosted on Zoom. The virtual sessions will serve to build the foundation necessary for the in-person sessions and campaign simulation. 

Yes. The virtual sessions are mandatory attendance. If you are unable to join a session, you are required to view the recording ahead of the in-person training. These virtual sessions are an integral part of the training experience; they build off of each other and complement what you will learn in person.

The time commitment for Ready to Win® includes:

  • The in-person training is June 28, 2024 through July 1, 2024 in Washington, DC. Your full-time attendance during the training is required.
  • Virtual sessions are hosted every Wednesday between May 15, 2024 and June 12, 2024. These sessions are mandatory and require live attendance or viewing of the recording for both tracks.

Your health and safety is our utmost priority. As an applicant and future participant, you are acknowledging the COVID-19 waiver and expectations. This includes: showing proof of full vaccination, completing and submitting a COVID-19 questionnaire prior to attending/during the training, and abiding by such social distancing and/or face mask requirements throughout the entire duration of the program. Read full COVID Safety Acknowledgement and Waiver here. 

We are committed to making Ready to Win® as inclusive as possible. Please explain in your application if you need any special accommodations during this training. Our team will be in touch with you for more information.


Apply today for the Campaign Leadership or Candidate track today!