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We know that when people like us—New Americans, Black Americans, LGBTQ+ Americans, women, and allies—run, we win. We started off with a bold mission of creating a democracy that works for all people in 2010 and haven’t looked back since.

Here are some of our proudest accomplishments:


We represent the next generation of leaders. Our average trainee is 30 years old.


In 2022, 82 alumni ran for office. An impressive 65% won their election!


There are 37 NALpistas in state legislatures across the country.


We have had over 100 NAL alumni serve as a campaign staff member; working to represent people like us from school board races to the presidential!

The best news? We’re just getting started. ​


And learn how you can kick out the pale, stale, and male establishment
to create a stronger democracy.

Be sure you also catch up on our latest accomplishments — check out our 2022 Impact Report!