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NAL held our first training in Arizona six years ago, and we’ve been here ever since. Nineteen New Americans were on the ballot in yesterday’s primaries; eight of them were our alumni. And guess what? Six of them won! They’ll be serving their communities with progressive values.

This is in a state where Spanish speakers were once blocked from voting, anti-immigrant legislation has flourished, and Martin Luther King Day wasn’t recognized until a decade after becoming a national holiday.

Here are just a few of the victories from last night:

  • Raquel Ter√°n, a community organizer and activist running for state legislator, won her primary by¬†advocating for progressive policies.
  • January Contreras¬† is now the Democratic nominee for Attorney General. If she wins in November, she’ll be the first Latina ever to serve as the state’s top legal officer.
  • State Reps. Athena Salman, and Isela Blanc¬†won their primaries and will likely be re-elected in the fall.
  • Gilbert Romero¬†won his primary with a bold progressive message in the West Valley.

And in Florida,¬†Andrew Gillum shocked the nation, becoming the Democratic nominee for governor. He’s an outspoken progressive who would be Florida‚Äôs first Black governor.

If we want our government to represent people like us, we’ll need the support of people like you. Help make more wins like these possible by contributing¬†$25 today. We‚Äôll even throw in our #ReadyToLead tee.