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NEW YORK—Despite a months-long investigation that exposed overwhelming evidence of wrongdoing, moments ago, the Senate voted almost completely along party lines to acquit Donald Trump, ignoring the will of the American people and the House of Representatives’ vote to impeach.

Following this historic vote, Sayu Bhojwani, president and founder of New American Leaders and the New American Leaders Action Fund, released the following statement:

“If you want to see the definition of cowardice, look no further than the United States Senate. Over half of the Senate just proved that they would rather bow to the whims of a white nationalist president and preserve their own power than protect our country and obey the rule of law.

“Our democracy is in shambles because of their actions. The only way we can recover from this miscarriage of justice is if New Americans and people of color organize, mobilize, and vote Trump and his cronies out of office this November.

“The New American Majority is growing rapidly and has the power to swing elections in key states like Arizona, Georgia, and Michigan. If our democracy is saved, it will be because of the power of people like us.”

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Since 2010, New American Leaders (NAL) has served as the only national, nonpartisan organization focused on bringing New Americans into the political process by preparing first and second generation Americans to use their power and potential in elected office.