From uncovering the barriers to political engagement to magnifying the stunning lack of diversity across American government, NAL’s research shines a light on why immigrant communities struggle to partake in American politics or serve in public office.  

NAL offers practical, achievable recommendations to ensure immigrants are encouraged and energized to participate in the full fabric of American democracy.


State of Pay

In this report, New American Leaders examines one of the primary barriers for full representation and inclusion in our democracy: the financial commitments it takes
to run, win, and lead in elected office.

Following an extensive data review, creation of multiple case studies, and interviews with New American state legislators, State of Pay 2021 presents five key policy recommendations that not only would help close the representation gap for New Americans and other underrepresented groups, but also improve representation and
policies for all communities.

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State of Representation 2020

New Americans are underrepresented in state legislatures across the country. But which states are close to achieving parity? How can the representation gap be closed? Read this report to find the answers to these questions and more.

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Run Local

Click here to read and download RUN LOCAL - The New American Electorate and the 2013 Municipal Elections - March 2013

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