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Last week, Texas became the first state to publicly refuse to resettle new refugees. Then, on Wednesday, a federal judge temporarily halted the Trump administration’s new refugee policy that allowed Texas to do this, finding that the policy is likely “unlawful” and “does not appear to serve the overall public interest.” We’re relieved to see the courts doing what’s right; that policy is unconscionable. #RefugeesAreWelcomeHere.

Surprise, surprise: Trump has a new plan to preserve white electoral power, and it comes at the expense of #PeopleLikeUs. His goal? Exclude millions of people of color from their basic right of political representation by redrawing state legislative districts to exclude 55% of Latinos, 45% of Asian Americans, and 30% of African Americans from being counted as constituents—compared to 21% of white people. #PeopleLikeUs won’t stand for this or any other attack on our democracy.

Across the country, many Americans—especially #PeopleLikeUs—face barriers when attempting to vote. One way we can eliminate these barriers is by implementing voting by mail, which:

  • Breaks down barriers to voting
  • Encourages greater participation in our democracy, especially for #PeopleLikeUs
  • Gives people the time and safety to vote from their own home
  • Saves taxpayers money on election administration

Sign our petition to show you support making every voice heard in our democracy through vote-by-mail programs in every state!

Our democracy is ON. THE. LINE. We know that it’s more important than ever to get more #PeopleLikeUs to run for office and get involved in the political process, which is why we’re having a record number of trainings this year. (That’s 4 training programs across 11 states, if you’re counting.)

Here are our first few trainings:

Did you hear the news? We’re proud to be one of the grantees of a new fund designed to help women run and get elected to office.

ICYMI: On Monday, Senator Cory Booker announced the end of his presidential campaign. As one of only two remaining African American candidates, his decision leaves an ever-growing leadership gap for the New American Majority, said our founder and president Sayu Bhojwani.