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A Scorecard for Immigrant Leadership in America. How did your state do?

In the New American Leaders Project's “Represent 2020: A Scorecard for Immigrant Leadership in America” report, researchers surveyed 7,382 state legislators to determine the number of Asian American and Latino elected officials in office at state governments nationwide.

The findings are alarming. Only 377 state legislature seats are held by Asian American and Latino representatives!

Across the board, NO state legislature in the United States accurately reflects the number of Asian Americans and Latinos residing in their states.

Interactive map and report here!

Latest Report

States of Inclusion NALP Report

Not one single state in America has enough Latinos and Asian American representatives in office. But the big question is -- why? And what can we do to close this gap? The New American Leaders Project’s latest report delves into these very questions.

States of Inclusion: New American Journeys to Elected Office is out now!

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2016 and Beyond-New American Leaders Invitation

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Celebrating Our 5 Year Anniversary

5 years. A milestone. A moment. June 11, 2016 marks 5 years from the moment The New American Leaders Project arrived on the scene, determined to change the way the world perceived immigrant leaders, and how immigrant leaders perceived themselves.  With a small group of inaugural trainees in New York City, NALP began with the belief that immigrants could be, would be, are American leaders.

In the 5 years NALP was launched, we have:

  • Trained nearly 400 remarkable immigrant leaders to run for office.
  • Hit 8 states with our signature Ready to Lead® training program.
  • Created Power & Policy to bring together immigrant elected officials.
  • Headed to the the White House twice with our message of inclusive democracy.
  • Honored awe-inspiring New American leaders such as U.S. Senator Mazie Hirono and U.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy.
  • Released groundbreaking reports about the representation gaps in U.S. government.
  • Created School Board Members, City Council Members, Mayors and State Representatives of Arab American, Asian American, Caribbean American and Latino descent all across the United States.

And we’re still working every day to move democracy forward.

In fact, NALP is celebrating this fifth anniversary by breaking glass ceilings — our first all female Ready to Lead training will take place 5 years from the date of our first Ready to Lead in 2011. Watch out for these rising stars, there may be a Mayor, a City Council Member, U.S. Senator or U.S. President among them.

Re3 StoryHack

New American Leaders Project recently participated in Re3 StoryHack. We helped two teams of hackers write, visualize, code, and share our story. Their websites offer background on the current state of representation, and aim to shift perspective.

Run For Us

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A more representative government starts close to home. If the interests of elected officials don't reflect our own, why not run for local office yourself? This humorous video makes this point, and a toolkit helps anyone get started.

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You Are Home

Our multi-ethnic country is not accurately reflected in our elected officials. This interactive image collage illustrates the vibrant and increasing "majority of minorities" in the U.S. and compares it to the homogeneity of the Senate. Scroll through the visualization to see the change needed for the US government to truly reflect the nation.

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