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Moments ago, Senate Republicans filibustered and blocked the Freedom to Vote Act, a key piece of voting rights legislation.

Ghida Dagher, president of New American Leaders, shared the following comment:

“Senate Republicans have once again acted against our democracy to uphold anti-voter legislation rooted in white supremacy.

“New Americans and our communities are besieged by increasingly blatant and racist voter disenfranchisement, discrimination and intimidation. The Freedom to Vote Act would have addressed these barriers in our democracy, giving us the opportunity to flex our growing political power. But instead of strengthening our democracy by advancing this vital bill, Senate Republicans once again used the filibuster to weaken it, leaving our rights and our democracy on the line.

“Enough is enough. If we want to create a country that lives up to the idea of being of, for and by all people, then Democrats must take whatever actions necessary—including tackling the filibuster—to protect and strengthen our democracy. Our communities will not be silenced or pushed out of our democracy any longer—the time for meaningful action is now.”