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There’s just 39 days until Election Day, meaning every minute and everything we do leading up to November 3rd matters.

While we continue to face unprecedented threats to the election and our democracy as well as barriers to voting, there *is* reason for optimism. For example, voter registration has surged in recent days (more than 40,000 people registered to vote on this past weekend!); 750,000 people—and counting—have registered to vote on Snapchat alone; more than 2,000 Foot Locker stores will become voter registration sites; and 10,000 people are running a virtual race this week to raise funds for the Black Voters Matter Fund—an organization focused on increasing the registration and turnout of Black voters. #PeopleLikeUs have to register, vote, and fight like never before for the next 39 days.

On Wednesday, a grand jury brought no charges against Louisville police for Breonna Taylor’s death—more than six months after she was fatally shot in her apartment.

As Stacey Abrams expressed, “Breonna Taylor deserves justice. But the system perpetuating injustice is derelict in its duty—so we must build new a system with our voices and votes.” If you have no words for this now, be sure to make your voice heard in November.

If you believe that …

✅ No one should live in fear of being torn from their families and communities
✅ New DACA applications should be accepted, not rejected
✅ The DACA renewal period should be two years instead of just one year
✅ Trump shouldn’t be able to defy the Supreme Court

… Then sign our petition today to demand that U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services accept new applications for the DACA program and comply with the Supreme Court’s ruling.

In case you forgot, our leadership is remarkably pale, male, and stale.

This is why our movement—which we’ve been leading for the past decade—to ensure that New Americans and people of color are included, represented, and engaged in our democracy is so important. Through our trainings and programs like Ready to Lead, we’re able to train new leaders that our democracy needs to acknowledge their political potential and power, run for office, and govern.

We’re working to change our democracy from one that looks like this …

… to one that looks like this:

These future leaders are all taking our first-ever virtual Ready to Lead training, spread out over two weekends (Part 2 is this weekend). We couldn’t be more excited to see what they do next and look forward to shaking up politics with them! ✊

If you’re a NAL alum, join us TONIGHT from 6:30-8:00 pm MDT for a virtual reception and panel discussion to welcome our first-ever online Ready to Lead cohort to the NAL Family!

You will meet other NALpistas from across the country, hear from badass elected leaders, and be inspired by our amazing new cohort. Don’t miss this great event—get your ticket to our NAL party now!

On October 5th from 7:00-8:00 pm ET, our 501(c)(4) partner, New American Leaders Action Fund, has organized a discussion for #PeopleLikeUs interested in running for office in 2021 and beyond.

Featuring both candidates and elected officials, this panel will draw back the curtain and spill the tea on what it means to be a New American candidate and elected official. Make sure you sign up now for this conversation to learn how you can step up and become the leader your community has been waiting for!