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A federal judge last week ordered the Trump administration to temporarily stop “winding down or altering any census filed operations” until a court hearing on September 17.

Here’s why it matters: The fast-tracked census timeline means that communities of color will likely be undercounted, leaving them with fewer resources and less representation in government for at least the next 10 years. This can’t happen. Do your part and complete the census y’all.

With only 53 days left until Election Day, we all need to get #ReadytoVote, especially because of reports like this: The state of Georgia likely removed nearly 200,000 of its residents from the voter rolls after wrongfully assuming that those people moved and hadn’t changed the address on their voter registration.

Sadly, attacks like these aren’t exactly out of character for Georgia. Even more alarming is that this kind of voter suppression is happening across the country and threatening our democracy. One way we stop these attacks? Checking our voter registration status and making sure we’re good to vote.

This June, the Supreme Court ruled that the Trump administration couldn’t end DACA.

But U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services continues to refuse to reopen the program to new applicants, and it also plans to cut DACA renewals to one year instead of two years.

Sign our petition to demand that USCIS accept new applications for the DACA program and comply with the Court’s ruling—because no one should live in fear of being torn from their families and communities.

Yesterday, we joined hundreds of organizations across the country to help spread the word—as well as the urgency—that we all need to get #ReadytoVote.

To make things easy, we shared this checklist on how you can do that ????

If you already have a plan to vote: 1. Great job! ???? 2. Let us know! Tag us on InstagramTwitter, or Facebook and let us know you are #ReadytoVote. Then go out and make sure your friends, family, and community are registered and ready to vote, too! Remember: This is the most important election of our lives. Let’s make our voices heard.

This week, an important article came out in The Los Angeles Times featuring three NALpistas—Adam AbusalahNada Al-Hanooti, and Michigan State Representative Abdullah Hammoud—about how American Muslims are building political power and using their voices to transform politics in Michigan (but, really, they’re doing this all across the country).

For many, many years, when our communities have been under attack, we’ve stood up and fought back. But now, #PeopleLikeUs are standing up, fighting back, AND running for office. They’re refusing to sit on the sidelines; instead rising up to become the leaders our country needs and build the inclusive democracy we deserve.

As Rep. Hammoud says in the article:

“People don’t want to sit on the sidelines. As we mature in American life, you see that Muslim Americans are part of the fabric and at every level of decision-making.”