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Yesterday, the Austin City Council passed a resolution urging Congress to pass common-sense immigration reform and create a pathway to citizenship!

Thank you to Austin City Councilmember Gregorio Casar and to the many other New American leaders across the country who are fighting to protect undocumented communities every day. We remain hopeful that Congress will take action soon and create a pathway to citizenship for all.

According to a new report by States United Democracy Center, Law Forward, and Protect Democracy, 24 new laws have been passed in 14 states this year alone that will allow state legislatures to “politicize, criminalize, and interfere in election administration.”

With voting rights under attack all across the country, there’s really only one clear-cut solution: Elect more New Americans and BIPOC to office who will put an end to the “greatest assault on voting rights since the end of Reconstruction.”

The “For the People Act” is a historic piece of legislation that would strengthen our democracy by protecting our right to vote, taking big money out of politics, and holding elected officials accountable to representing our communities instead of special interests.

But without your support, this important bill could die in the Senate. Join us and our partners at the Declaration for American Democracy in calling Senators to demand they support and pass S. 1, the For the People Act, now!

Say hello to the future leaders of America! Introducing our 2021 New American Fellows!

These 18 New Americans—from California to Michigan to Nevada to New York and all across the country—are passionate, determined, and dedicated to serving their communities. During their fellowship, they will receive political guidance, mentorship, networking, and additional skills needed to run for office, win, and lead.

Watch out for them soon on a ballot near you!

June is a MONTH, y’all. Not only is it Immigrant Heritage Month, Pride Month, AND Caribbean American Heritage Month, but it’s also National Audio Book Month and Rebuild Your Life Month. To be honest, we didn’t know those last two were things, but we will be celebrating the others all month long on our social media channels.

As a timely throwback, we recommend checking out our Tea on Democracy webinar from last June featuring New American Leaders alum and LGBTQ Victory Institute Director of Constituent Engagement Mario Enríquez, Danielle Moodie, and California State Assemblymember Evan Low on how the interconnection between queerness and the immigrant experience can be a driving force for civic engagement and political leadership.

Also! In honor of Pride Month and New American LGBTQ+ leadership, we just launched a special edition of our Ready to Lead t-shirt! Purchase yours today to support our community and movement!