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This week’s good news is courtesy of California Senator Kamala Harris and Joe Biden. With Biden naming Senator Harris as his running mate, we can now say something we’ve never said before: We have a Black and South Asian American woman on a major party ticket! This is a huge step toward equal representation, and it underscores the growing nationwide trend of more women of color running for office, winning, and leading with their authentic experiences to create a more inclusive democracy. Just how we like it. ????

This is pure madness: White House officials have apparently been sharing a proposal that would give U.S. border authorities the ability to block U.S. citizens and permanent residents from entering the country from Mexico if they’re suspected of having COVID-19. In addition to sounding totally illegal, chances are it would do very little to actually curb the pandemic. Let’s be honest: This is just another attempt by the Trump administration to push its white nationalist agenda and deprive humans of basic rights (and also why we need more #PeopleLikeUs in office).

How many poll workers do we need this upcoming election? Answer: As many as we can get.

Right now, we’re facing a critical shortage of poll workers across the country. This isn’t good. In order to ensure a safe and secure election and to avoid the voter suppression that comes with not recruiting enough poll workers to open all polling sites, we need more folks working the polls—especially those who are younger and healthy. (Most poll workers have traditionally been over the age of 61, making them particularly vulnerable to complications if they contract COVID-19.)

The bottom line: If you’re healthy and able, please consider being a democracy hero and signing up to work the polls on Election Day.

From a new training to webinars to showing up at Netroots Nation and the DNC, the NAL fam is doing it all these days. Here are some of the highlights:

New training!

Last week, we officially announced the launch of our first online Ready to Lead training! Designed by and for New Americans and people of color, this training—hosted over two weekends in September—will teach you how to own and share the power of your authentic story, connect with voters, fundraise, and create a winning campaign plan.

Ready to be the leader your community needs? Apply today (or send it to someone you think might be interested)! (Note: Applications are due by August 31st.)


Last week, we had our first-ever self-care series for womxn leading our movement for justice and an inclusive democracy. Over two days, we heard from five fierce political leaders about the stress womxn of color face, especially in politics, and how we can all cope in this rollercoaster year. You can watch Part 1 here and Part 2 here.

Then on Wednesday, we had this month’s Tea on Democracy webinar, where we heard from four inspiring leaders on how they’re organizing refugee and immigrant communities, fighting white supremacy, and creating a more inclusive democracy. Catch up on the discussion by watching it here on our Facebook page.


Earlier today, our Founder and President Sayu Bhojwani spoke on the “Building Effective Political Allyship With Women of Color” panel at the Netroots Nation convention. If you tuned in, let us know!

And last but certainly not least, next Tuesday, our 501(c)(4) partner, New American Leaders Action Fund, is hosting the New American Takeover—an event featuring some of the boldest leaders in our movement, to keep critical conversations on representation front and center at the DNC and show that if any candidate wants to win in 2020, they need our support.

Some of the initial speakers include Georgia State Representative Bee Nguyen, Florida State Representative Dotie Josephcandidate for New York State Assembly Jessica González-Rojas, and other badass New American leaders to be announced soon. Dont miss this great event—RSVP here.