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Daunte Wright. Adam Toledo. George Floyd. Breonna Taylor. Atatiana Jefferson. Aura Rosser. Stephon Clark. Ahmaud Arbery. Tony McDade. Elijah McClain. Eric Garner. Michael Brown. Botham Jean. Tamir Rice. Sandra Bland. Trayvon Martin. We are angered. We are heartbroken. We will keep saying their names until there is justice.

Today, in the United States of America, the ability to live a life of freedom and safety is a privilege afforded only to a select few. We recognize that systems meant to protect, serve, and guide our society were not designed to help people like us and are deeply rooted in white supremacy. These systems intentionally fail and devalue Black Americans and communities of color—a reality that gets clearer with each headline and hashtag (and the heartbreaking losses that don’t become headlines or hashtags).

This has to change, and we’re done waiting.

Each of us has a responsibility to stand up and speak out. Along with collective action and solidarity, we need more New Americans and BIPOC Americans in positions of power to dismantle systems built on hate, oppression, and white supremacy and to create a more inclusive democracy. Here are a couple examples:

But this is just the start. None of us can stand on the sidelines or be silent. In our movement toward collective liberation and an end to white supremacy, we must remember that what impacts one of us impacts all of us.

At NAL, we are reflecting on ways we can continue to build partnerships and be better allies in multi-racial coalitions. We ask that you hold us accountable to this goal and join us in reflecting, standing up, speaking out, and taking action in your community. But whatever you do, make sure you are doing your part to demand justice—our lives depend on it.

Yours in the fight,

The NAL Team