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Despite the gloomy news of late, hope is not lost! This week, it showed up in North Dakota.

Burleigh County, North Dakota looked like it might be the first local government to implement Trump’s executive order giving state and local governments the option to bar refugees. But, on Monday, its residents said no.

“For four hours, sixth-generation North Dakotans and recent arrivals from Cameroon and Congo took turns delivering impassioned testimony in what was often a contentious debate. Ultimately, the commission voted 3-2 to keep welcoming refugees.”⁣

This is a win for #PeopleLikeUs, and it just goes to show that refugees are welcome and valued all across the country.

Last Friday, the House of Representatives passed the Voting Rights Advancement Act (H.R. 4) on a bipartisan vote. If voted on and passed by the Senate, it would restore and expand the protections of the Voting Rights Act that the U.S. Supreme Court gutted in 2013. This is a big deal and desperately needed to create a more inclusive democracy!

Now, we need the Senate and Leader Mitch McConnell to bring H.R. 4—along with H.R. 1—to the floor for a vote immediately. As our Founder and President Sayu Bhojwani said in an op-ed for The Hill this week, “Their vote on this legislation represents more than their thoughts about this political moment. This is not just about voting or democracy. It’s about the America we want to be: just, inclusive, and representative.”

We’re less than a year away from Election Day 2020, but many Americans—especially #PeopleLikeUs—face long lines, limited polling place hours, difficulties getting time off from work, electronic machines that are vulnerable to hacking, and voter suppression and intimidation. These conditions make it harder for us to make our voices heard. One way to eliminate many of these barriers? Voting by mail.

We need all states to implement vote by mail programs to increase turnout and expand the electorate. Every vote counts—especially in the critical 2020 election.

Sign our petition to show you support making every voice heard in our democracy through vote-by-mail programs in every state!  

The final days of 2019 are here, and we’re getting ready to slide into the new year.

If you’re anything like us, you’ve already started planning ahead—through May 2020.

Our most extensive training schedule yet has a number of opportunities for you to get involved in the political process in 2020 and beyond. (Because, let’s face it, this needs to happen.)

Check out the full schedule here, and make one of your New Year’s resolutions to come out to one of our trainings in 2020. We have one for everyone! (The first two up are Ready to Rise in Miami and Boss Ladies in Phoenix on January 25th.)

Oh, and one more thing: If you’re an alum (NALpista), friend, or ally in the fight to build an inclusive democracy, please consider donating to us and supporting our work. Your tax deductible gift to NAL will help us do what we do best—empower the next generation of diverse leaders and shake up the political establishment!