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We receive lots of questions about our Ready to Win training. In this series, we enlist recent alumni to tell you about the Ready to Win experience in their own words. Here’s what Palmira Figueroaan alumni of our 2017 Ready to Lead training in Georgia, had to say.

Why did you choose to attend Ready to Win?

I have been an organizer and worked in social justice spaces for many years. I am an immigrant from Mexico, and through my work I’ve been witness to the needs and pains of my community. I believe my community deserves to be represented by people like us, with an understanding of the injustices we go through. People with the hopes and dreams of breaking the barriers that block the working class of basic rights like fair housing, good education and a health system that serves all of us. I want to lift up womxn of color and help them run for office and change the system that keeps oppressing our people. I want a better world for my own children, and I want to open spaces of power for them, too!

What was your favorite part of the training?

The campaign planning exercise was such a transformative experience. This kind of experiential learning was key for me, because now I feel I can do this!

What’s was your biggest takeaway?

We should run and we will win! I left very inspired by meeting over 25 people ready to impact their communities through seeking positions in the government. The training enforces the idea that we are stronger as a collaborative group; that we are more likely to win if we run as our authentic selves. I learned that we should run as immigrants or daughters of immigrants; that this is our asset. We have a unique perspective, and our values of equity and inclusivity make us stronger candidates and agents of change in our communities.

What inspired you to run for office/run a campaign?

My work in the grassroots world of non-profits, the amazing strength and resilience of the immigrant community in Washington State, and the hope to change the system, the hope to help more and more women of color to run and transform our democracy to an inclusive government where womxn, LGBTQ, Black and immigrant communities exercise their power.

What impact do you want to make in a campaign?

I want to run campaigns for progressive candidates where the values of justice and people power are the pillars of our work. I want to support womxn of color to rise to power so we all rise with them together. I believe our liberation is tied to the way we move in the world, and the change is only possible if we seek it together, actively supporting each other to rise.