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We receive lots of questions about our Ready to Win training. In this series, we enlist recent alumni to tell you about the Ready to Win experience in their own words. Here’s what Jose Lupe Conchasan alumni of our 2018 Ready to Lead training in Arizona, had to say.

Why did you choose to attend Ready to Win?

I believe in the mission and values of New American Leaders. I have witnessed first hand how past alumni of the program have been set up for success to advocate for their communities and win crucial races. I also chose to attend because of the sponsorship from the donors and supporters of the program. I am finding it hard to make ends meet, but NAL provided me with priceless personal and leadership development without any financial barriers.

What was your favorite part of the training?

Not only did we get to network with national experts in their respective fields, but we created a family of New American Leaders who are just starting their journeys to becoming future representatives and leaders of their communities. From New York to the Midwest, Seattle to Phoenix, I feel more connected to a national team that I can lean on for support. We had a lot of fun creating our dynamic campaign plans and were given the confidence to lead with our full selves in mind.

What’s was your biggest takeaway?

Sayu [Bhojwani] said on the first day that “Our belief in a more inclusive, accountable, and representative Democracy must always trump our fears.” I leave Washington D.C. understanding that it is my duty and responsibility to go back to Arizona and create meaningful change for the survival of our Democracy and our communities.

What inspired you to run for office/help manage a campaign?

Our community and nation is under constant attack at the policy level. Our human rights and local issues need to be defended. Dark money and the influence of money in politics is concerning. I find inspiration from my mom and my family. My mom is my rock, and if she does not have Medicaid for her healthcare insurance plan, then we are left with no other options. She has experienced the heartbreak and struggle of family separation due to our nation’s immigration policies and still fights everyday to protect and care for her children. I am in this fight for her, for my siblings, and all families in my community who need a voice everyday.

What position would you like to run for and what would you like to achieve should you win?

We are facing enormous income inequality, money in politics is dangerous, Medicare for all is essential, a path to citizenship and protections for our non-citizens is crucial, our public education system is being dismantled and overall our Democracy is at stake. I strive to pass an economic bill of rights, gets cops out of campus, take ICE out of 4th Ave jail, protect our public transportation infrastructure, listen to the needs of the people, decrease class sizes, invest in education, protect the environment, and advocate to focus on educating the WHOLE child and their essential human needs.