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We receive lots of questions about our our signature Ready to Lead training. It is easy to talk about the unique curriculum but describing the transformational power of the program is not easy. In this series, we enlist recent alumni to tell you about the Ready to Lead experience in their own words.

Juan Alvarez, attended Ready to Lead California in February 2018

How would you describe the Ready to Lead training to someone that has never heard of it?
Juan Alvarez
Ready to Lead is a unique networking opportunity for new Americans that provides participants with an opportunity to reflect on their own cultural and social identity. The training builds confidence and helps motivate participants into taking the next step in your political involvement. Whether you are thinking of running for office one day or not you leave feeling encouraged with priceless tools and insight.

What was your favorite part of the training?
My favorite part of the Ready to Lead training was the way it was designed as a forum to meet and learn from amazing transformative individuals. I met people from all walks of life and with diverse outlooks on our society. The trainers demonstrated a passion for serving and provided genuine constructive input and guidance. I was uplifted by finding that there are other people out there planning to run for office with amazing stories of resilience and compassion.

Why did you choose to attend Ready to Lead?
Initially I learned about the Ready to Lead training from observing posts on social media from previous Orange County based NAL participants. I was also encouraged to attend by NAL alumni that thought the training would be a good fit.


What was your biggest takeaway from the weekend?
That weekend I realized that I already possessed the tools, experience and the drive to run for office and win. The training provided the boost of confidence that I needed to keep me moving forward with my decision to run for office.

How was Ready to Lead different than other trainings that you have attended?
Ready to Lead was unique in that it allowed me to be self-reflective about my family’s immigrant past in an empowering way. In many instances the immigrant experience in America comes along with a negative stigma. Ready to Lead took that stigma and transformed it into a metacognitive morale boost. I left with real strategies and suggestions that could immediately be implemented into my campaign.


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