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After enduring four years of Trump’s presidency, the national nightmare finally ended as Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were sworn into office earlier today. In response to this historic occasion, New American Leaders Interim President Sara Le Brusq released the following statement.

“Today, we watched as history was made. When Kamala Harris took the oath of office, she shattered the pale, stale and male mold to become the first woman, first New American, and first woman of color to serve as Vice President, effectively defining the end to Trump’s white nationalist agenda. As a movement of New Americans and BIPOC communities, we finally see our own stories and potential reflected in the White House by Vice President Harris and members of the most diverse cabinet in history.

“We must look forward, but keep in mind all that we have endured. Even as we celebrate this moment, our hearts and spirits are heavy with the indignities suffered. Our communities have been ravaged by a poorly managed pandemic and its economic implications; ripped apart by family separation, deportation, and anti-Black and Brown policies. Our democracy is fragile, and it is now time for healing and immediate action from the new Biden-Harris administration.

“We know that recovering from Trump’s abuse and dismantling systemic white supremacy will not happen overnight, and cannot be overcome with the will of one person. We are committed to ensuring that our issues are at the top of the national agenda, that our voices are included at every level of decision making, and we will be doing our part to advance these critical policies.

“This administration has the potential to transform our democracy into one that is truly of, for, and by all people. Our movement is committed to working with them to make this vision a reality and ensuring that the unity and progress espoused today is just the start of a new, more inclusive chapter in our nation’s history.”