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Earlier today, the Supreme Court of the United States took unprecedented action by overturning the right to abortion, previously protected by Roe v Wade. In response to this decision, Ghida Dagher, president of New American Leaders and New American Leaders Action Fund, shared the following statement:

“There is no sugarcoating this decision. The Supreme Court has robbed millions of us of our right to choose. It hurts us, and limits our power and potential as immigrants, people of color, and working class people.

“Immigrants and people of color are and have been leading the movement for reproductive justice in communities across the country for decades. It’s now time for all of us to channel our energy into electing them and supporting them while in office to protect all of our rights. They are already leading the way in pursuing local and state policies that will protect the right to abortion care.

“Even in the midst of our pain, we must organize, vote, and support immigrant women and women of color candidates to show that no matter what, we will not allow our rights to be taken away and we will never back down.”