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New American Leaders (NAL) and NAL Workers United are proud to announce the formal recognition of NALs first-ever collective bargaining unit, NAL Workers United. New American Leaders employees are unionized with the Nonprofit Professional Employees Union (NPEU).

“We are proud to announce voluntary recognition of our union” said the representatives of NAL Workers United. “We are excited to get to the bargaining table and work with management to negotiate our first contract. We look forward to implementing NAL’s vision of an inclusive democracy in our workplace.”

New American Leaders management said: “Recognition of NAL Workers United is in keeping with our commitment to an inclusive and equitable democracy, and we commend staff members for their proactive advocacy and commitment to a workplace that is aligned with the organization’s values. We look forward to coming to the bargaining table with trust and transparency.”

“We’re proud to say NAL Workers United is officially part of NPEU,” said NPEU President Kayla Blado. “We applaud NAL management for working collaboratively with their staff union on voluntary recognition, and look forward to supporting NAL Workers United as they negotiate their first union contract!”