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Just hours ago, Trump signed an executive order to prevent undocumented individuals from being included in the 2020 census. Responding to his actions, New American Leaders Founder and President Sayu Bhojwani shared the following statement.

“This executive order proves what we’ve known all along—that Trump does not view immigrants as people. 

“Despite continued rulings against his attempts to politicize the census, he continues to find new ways to discriminate against immigrants and people of color. Today’s order is the latest in a long line of actions he has taken to further his white nationalist agenda and attempt to silence and erase undocumented immigrants. 

“As a community of New Americans, undocumented individuals, and people of color, we will not allow for his actions to continue. We know the importance of the census and making our voices heard. Every person, regardless of their immigration status, must be counted in this census so our communities have the resources and representation needed to recover from coronavirus, grow, and thrive. 

“Unlike Trump, we know what it means to be American. We are the people who come together to support one another; working tirelessly as essential workers to keep our country safe and healthy during a pandemic. We are the ones who invest in our communities to make them stronger, and the people who have chosen to make the United States our home. Trump, on the other hand, only works to serve his own self-interest, prop up systems of oppression, and bolster the pale, stale and male establishment. Our movement will not stand for this. We are committed to doubling down on our efforts to make sure every person is counted in the 2020 census and included in our democracy. Our home is here and we will not be silenced.”