March 7, 2017

Photo Credit Aram Boghosian for The Boston Globe

The Trump Administration's second attempt to close the doors of our country to refugees and nationals of six Muslim majority countries is deeply disheartening. Tweaked xenophobic and racist policy is still xenophobic and racist.

Instead of protecting our country, these policies endanger our communities by encouraging hate crimes.

Instead of strengthening the economy, cracking down on immigrants actually drains our coffers.

Instead of making America great again, we have sacrificed our country's reputation as a beacon of democracy, integrity and promise.

Since its first day, this Administration has targeted immigrant communities and contributed to a climate of fear and hate. It's harmful to our country's cultural and social fabric. It's shameful to ignore the needs of refugees fleeing conflict and persecution. It’s un-American to foster intolerance and discrimination.

We will not stand idly by. Every member of the NALP family — our alumni, the elected officials in our network, our board and staff — will fight in unison until our vision of an inclusive American democracy prevails.

In solidarity,
Sayu Bhojwani, The New American Leaders Project

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